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Problems with iPhone 4

Jun 28, 2010 | | Say something

Although the iPhone 4 reached sales of about 1.7 million in a matter of 3 days, that doesn’t mean that the phone is any good. Yes, it has the famous Apple interface and overall feel, but there have been a few major complaints about the phone that should be noted before you go out and […more]

Motorola Droid X

Jun 28, 2010 | | Say something

The Motorola Droid X is to be released July 15 for $199.99 with a two year contract, $29.99 smartphone fee for unlimited data, $20 WiFi functionality, and a $100 rebate. This phone is quite pricey, but if you’re already a Verizon user, then you know they’re pricing is typically quite high. The phone is supposed […more]

Android 2.2 Update Coming Soon!

Jun 28, 2010 | | Say something

The HTC EVO is the newest android phone to be released until Motorolla releases the Droid X sometime in August. Well, with new phones comes new updates. The Palm Pre’s first update was relatively quick, and just one month after the EVO is released there is already works for a new droid update. The Android […more]