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xBox live prices are increasing

Aug 31, 2010 | | Say something

Xbox Live prices will be increasing the United States, Canada, UK, and Mexico. The Gold memberships will be increasing in November 2010, so instead of $50 a year, it will be $60 a year, making the monthly fees increase from $8 to $10. The content in Xbox Live has been increasing since 2002, yet the […more]

When is the HP Slate Going to be Released

Aug 16, 2010 | | Say something

So it’s not August and no Slate… At first the rumors were April 3rd, then it was though to be released around June 2010… Well, Hewitt-Packard it’s August 16, 2010, and we haven’t seen the Slate released. There is either problems, or they’ve taken on too much with the HP Hurricane and the Slate. The […more]