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Jul 6, 2010 | | Say something

So, I’ve had my phone for close to two weeks now, and I’m starting to notice a few quirks that I’m not happy with. It happens. No phone is perfect.

My initial issues can be found on this post New HTC EVO 4G Complaints. These problems were my initial concerns with the phone.

I’ve had more time to play and use the phone, and I have more problems. I’m definitely keeping the phone, and I’m much more pleased with it than with the Palm Pre.

The problems are simple.

1. If you don’t watch your fingers, you can click things that you didn’t mean to. Many times, I’ve clicked the very last person in my list of texts instead of the top on. The screen sensed my right hand when I was clicking with my left. I guess this could be corrected with the screen sensitivity, but that would affect everything.

2. I’ve gone to call someone, have the facebook profile picture visible of who I want, yet the phone has called someone else and featured the other person’s name. So basically, you get John’s picture, but you’re getting Amy’s name, and calling Amy.

3. The battery dies quickly. I had to download a free app for HTC EVO in order to kill all apps. The Advanced Task Killer is great, but it’s a pain to constantly have to go in and kill all open apps.

4. Related to the open apps, I’ve found that apps open on their own. I just pulled up my app killer application, and have 7 apps running, and of those 7, I have not opened 4 of them. I’ve found that Sprint Navigation, Amazon MP3, and Voice Dialer are the most common pre-installed apps that constantly pop up without ever clicking to open them.

5. I really see the kickstand that is built into the phone tearing off.

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