Apple iPad 2 Release Date

May 4, 2010 | | Say something

If you’re waiting on the release of the second generation iPad, then good for you. The wait will definitely be worth it, as the iPad 2 will feature all the things that the first iPad doesn’t have.

The Apple iPad 2 will have the following features:

* Web-cam
* Camera
* Multi-tasking abilities
* High-definition screen (1280×960 resolution)
* Support of GSM voice calls
* OLED panel

There is hope that the second generation iPad will correct many other shortcomings of the first iPad. The main concerns that people have with the first iPad that they hope to see corrected with the next generation iPad include:

* Mini-SIM card that is only available from AT&T
* Lack of USB ports
* Doesn’t feature SD card reader to transfer photos or other content
* Cannot run software that does not come from Apple App Store
* Does not support sharing of electronic books or music files l
* High price tag

When will the iPad 2 be released? Well, sometime in 2011. More than likely the Apple iPad 2 will be ready for sale at the end of this year, but because that would highly upset many consumers, they’ll probably just wait until sometime next year before releasing it to the market.

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