HP Slate Release Date

May 25, 2010 | | Say something

The iPad is out and everyone is using theirs, but you know what? I’m waiting on my HP Slate. The Slate is supposed to outdo the Apple iPad in nearly every aspect of the product.

But, when is the Slate coming out? 2010. That’s all that has been released.

All that is released is more rumors.

* Dropping Windows 7 for WebOS.
* HP dropping Slate for a smaller device or the Hurricane (no mention on the HP website, only of the HP, so there may be three devices to come)

I personally, would assume that the Slate will be released within the second quarter of 2010, as long as the HP Slate and the HP Hurricane are truly two different products. The Hurricane is rumored to be released within the third quarter of 2010, and there isn’t any notice or updates from HP on their website, so if the two are different, the Slate will be released before the Hurricane.

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