HP Hurricane is a Better Competitor to iPad

May 26, 2010 | | Say something

Ever since HP bought out Palm, there have been rumors of a WebOS operating system. They already of the HP Slate being released in 2010, and I believe that it’s too late to completely change over the operating system from Windows 7 to WebOS, which means, a whole new product. The HP website doesn’t have any news or updates about a second tablet being released, but there are rumors floating around.

The HP Hurricane is supposed to be the true competitor to the Apple iPad. It is rumored to use the WebOS operating system. The HP Slate was HP’s original iPad competitor, but now with more technology, they can create an even bigger and better tablet competitor.

Will HP be able to bring sales over to the PC side? It’s possible, but PC and Mac have been competing forever, so it’ll more than likely be just like all the other gadgets and products that have been released. It’s just a matter of who gets something out first and who’s is truly better. You’ll find that for the most part, though, PC users stick with PC products, and Mac users stick with Mac/Apple products.

But, what about this new HP Hurricane?

It’s rumored to be a big competitor to the Apple iPad because it will have Adobe Flash, Dual Cameras (1- taking regular images and 2- for video calls and face-to-face video conferencing), expandability (USB ports, SD memory cards), distribution channels (HP’s current relationship with most major corporations), and HP loyalty.

It’s rumored that the Hurricane will be released within the third quarter of 2010, which means that the HP Slate (if they’re truly different products) should be released within the second quarter.

In any case, my boyfriend will be jealous, as he’s the type who must have the best new cell phone. Plus, he hates his HTC Hero, and the EVO will definitely swamp the Hero in features and usability.

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