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Judge for awards plaques

Gala evening many plaques to be won

It’s the South West Technology awards night soon and I am a judge who will have the honour of giving out the awards plaques for the evening. I was asked nearly twelve months ago to take part but didn’t expect to be the one handing out the plaques to the winners.
I have been privileged to have a sneaky peak at the finalists technology and software and it is frighteningly good stuff. To judge will be an absolute nightmare as the standard is breathtakingly high but it will be huge fun doing so as all the judges get to try out and use the finalists products before we decide.
With so many different categories to judge it has been a busy year of trying out all the products but some are just amazing and its been way to much fun doing this. In fact I offered my services for next year as it has been a blast.

Favourite judging section for plaques was…

From games to social media and mobiles to laptops the sections to judge were numerous but doing the new tablets had to be my favourite. I love my iPhone and never thought I would want or need a tablet as I have a laptop already but they are just so much fun to use and a great addition to anyone’s technology stash. I cannot say much more than all of them were great and all had features and benefits to make you really want one but I did have a clear favourite in this area.
I am not a massive fan of gaming consoles but this too was surprisingly fun to try out and judge prior to the gala night. I got really hooked on one of the games and was a touch sad to see the console and game go back once my judging time was up.
There were also some pretty cool laptops I got to try out and whilst I will always love my macbook pro there were some serious challengers that I would never had considered. One of the PC’s that was specially designed for creative and technical sectors was mind glowingly advanced with amazing processing speeds and massive memory capabilities.

Judging done I now get to hand out the plaques

With all the judging now done its all just a wait for a few weeks until the night itself. It was tough judging some of the categories and the competition was fierce and highly competitive. Many will be disappointed at not winning but they should not be too disheartened as every single product I tried was so cool and everyone involved at this stage should be very proud of what they have achieved and created.
I have bought my dress for the night and am really excited now. I am looking forward to presenting all the winners with their individual awards plaques and even my mum is excited as we have been told the local press will all be there to photograph the winners and little old me.

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