About Me

I am a gadget freak called Whitney and am always looking and buying the latest and greatest gadgets and technology. I am from Georgia in the USA and love the place.
I am a pet lover and have two dogs and love walking the dogs and enjoying the great outdoors. When I am not walking the dogs or blogging and am online looking for the best and latest the world of technology has to offer.
My two dogs do keep me busy but when I have free time my boyfriend gets a look in too. He is lovely and often surprises me with gifts of a new gadget or cool piece of tech. He’s not as into it but does like to have the best phone on the market at the very least. He does love his gaming though and has to have the latest from xBox or Playstation and this is his major vice. He also has a blog and reviews games and game stations.
My blog is a little about me and my daily life but mainly about reviewing the latest gadgets and technology. If you are into all things techie then I would also love to hear from you. I will take guest blog posts if you are interested as I can’t buy everything that’s new on the market.
I live on the coast in Georgia and love to travel around the United States, we are blessed that we are on Florida’s doorstep and have access to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. We both love to surf and this takes us all over the place too. Even my dogs love to jump on a body board which is great fun to watch!
I hope you like the blog and please feel free to add any thoughts on any of my posts.

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